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Who We Are

Our People

We have a highly skilled team of trained professionals including electricians, technicians, project managers and administration staff. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, safety standards and efficiency.

Our desire and drive to provide the greatest outcome and results on all our projects is second to none.

We take responsibility for our quality, safety, environment and community.

Innovative Energy Solutions provide diversity with the aim that each and every one of our team members has a full sense of belonging within our company. Inclusion and diversity are essential to our company values. We believe that no one should be discriminated against because of their age, ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. Read more about our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive work environment in our anti discrimination and harassment policy.

Proudly supporting the Tour de Cure – Riding to Cure Cancer. More information about this Australian charity raising vital funds for cancer research, can be found here.


We go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best workmanship and quality possible. Our highly qualified technicians are trained to the highest standards and carry out the highest quality work in the industry, guided by the processes and systems outlined in our quality policy.

All our installations or instrumentation strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions ensuring all quality and safety measurements are adhered to.

Zero Harm

Zero Harm is embedded in our culture and is fundamental to our future success. We are committed to achieving our goal of Zero Harm.

At Innovative Energy Solutions, Zero Harm means sustaining a workplace environment that supports the health and safety of our people and conducting our operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and sustainable for the future.

Our Zero Harm culture is built on leading and inspiring, verifying the effective management of risks that have the potential to cause serious harm, rethinking processes, continuously improving our management systems, applying lessons learnt and adopting and adapting practices that aim to achieve zero work-related injuries and environmental incidents. The feedback we received through our annual employee engagement survey continues to confirm the existence of a strong, inclusive Zero Harm culture within our organisation, outlined in our health and safety policy.

Our approach to Zero Harm and associated performance is a market differentiator for Innovative Energy Solutions as it enables us to work safely and environmentally responsibly in industry sectors where there are inherent hazardous environments. We firmly believe that any injury or environmental incident is unacceptable and preventable.

Developing environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers is also a focus for Innovative Energy Solutions. We are committed to providing greener energy solutions and reducing our carbon footprint. The environment is always kept in mind when undertaking projects, and in line with our environmental policy, environmental procedures are in place to ensure our work meets the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

In everything we do, Zero Harm is always our top priority.


We are committed to corporate social responsibility and value the communities in which we operate. As an equal opportunity employer, we ensure there is no discrimination in recruitment, remuneration, training and promotion and have a track record of recruiting and developing local talent.

Locally owned and operated, we strive to utilise local businesses and support local charities and organisations.

Indigenous Engagement

We are committed to the growth of Indigenous engagement in the mining industry. Supported by our internal mentor, we offer Indigenous opportunities in our workforce and work with local Indigenous organisations. Our goal is to educate by providing traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities.

We value cultural diversity and recognise the significance of the many differences in backgrounds, cultures, and demographic characteristics of all personnel, including their family responsibilities. It is integral to the business to foster a fair and equitable working environment whereby all personnel are treated with dignity and respect.


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